Grandma Ginny™ America's History Lady™


Grandpa Tom, commissioned a Kentucky Colonel, by the Governor of Kentucky, supplies answers to FAQs about Grandma Ginny America's History Lady™.

Q. Is Grandma Ginny™ really a grandma?

A. Grandma Ginny™ has 7 children, 15 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren, 7 nieces and nephews, and at last count, 23 great nieces.

Q. How did Grandma Ginny™ get the name Grandma Ginny™?

A. Some years ago, when one of her grand-daughters was about three years old, the little girl decided to differentiate between her grandmother in Maine and her grandmother in Virginia. You guessed it, her grandmother in Virginia became Grandma Ginny™ (from Virginia).

Q. How did Grandma Ginny™ get the name, America's History Lady™ ?

A. This is a long story. Grandma Ginny™ is an educator. She is a music major and taught music at a Private School in California. She was also head of their History Department. When she moved to Washington, DC, she served in the administration of two U.S. Presidents and while in the nation's Capitol continued her American history research. After retiring from government work she returned to teaching but decided to work only as a substitute so she could work only on the days she wanted. Still, because she was very popular with the parents, the teachers and students, she was called upon many days of the school year for many years to substitute teach at many private schools in Northern Virginia. The teachers in the schools where she taught also knew of her love of America and encouraged her to tell American history stories to  the children in her classes. One day as Grandma Ginny™ was rounding the corner of a hallway in a private school where she was teaching she found a class walking toward her. The teacher walking ahead of the class recognized Grandma Ginny™ and quickly turned to the children following her and exclaimed, "Here comes America's History Lady." It was not long thereafter that the two new names were connected and she became, 'Grandma Ginny™ America's History Lady™'. Her students know that if they follow her instructions and complete their class assignments Grandma Ginny™ will find time at the end of class to tell them a REAL American history story." American History As It REALLY Happened™" not as revisionists would like us to believe it happened.

Q. I think I recognize Grandma Ginny's voice on her CDs. Did Grandma Ginny™ ever co-host a radio program broadcast from Washington, DC?

A. In fact she did. Grandma Ginny™ wrote and delivered a 5-7 minute American history story segment on a weekly radio program that was written, produced and hosted by Grandma Ginny™ and her husband, Grandpa "Colonel" Tom. The program was broadcast from Washington, DC. It quickly became evident that the American history story segment was a favorite part of the program. Grandma Ginny™ received many emails from listeners asking where they could purchase copies of the American history story segment of the program for their children and grandchildren. People are hungry for REAL American history to share with their children and grandchildren. Immigrants to America were also asking for her REAL American history stories.

Q. Was it the radio program that prompted the production of the Grandma Ginny American History Series?

A. It was indeed, plus the need, as mentioned in her Mission Statement, to counteract the work of those in this world; in fact in America, who want the youth of America; in fact the youth of the world, to be ignorant of the great country America is.  Grandma Ginny™ began to talk to friends, relatives, teachers, parents and members of various organizations to which she and her husband belong about the idea of producing CDs on which Grandma Ginny™ would share her favorite  REAL American history stories. Within weeks Grandma Ginny™ was overwhelmed with orders for the CDs that had not yet been produced.

Grandma Ginny™ and Grandpa "Colonel" Tom, were amazed and delighted at the response and Grandma Ginny™  began to organize the stories necessary to proceed while Grandpa "Colonel" Tom, started to organize the sound recording, photography and graphics equipment.  Sample CDs were given to parents, American history teachers and other educators known to Grandma Ginny. Parents, grandparents and children were asked to listen and share their comments about the quality of the CDs and the stories on the CDs. It was determined from the reports that children as young as 5 understood and enjoyed the CDs and asked intelligent questions that showed their interest in learning more about American history. Children as young as 7  years old would ask their parents to play the CD during trips in the car. Grandma Ginny™ learned that many children born in America had never heard of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln or Thomas Jefferson or any of America's Founding Fathers.

Q. Has Grandma Ginny™ authored any books?

A. Yes, and one of her books was honored when Ronald Reagan wrote the Foreword and Bob Hope wrote the Introduction. Original copies were recently offered for sale on a popular book seller website for nearly $500.00 each. She in now completing her latest book titled, 1776 Historic Places to Visit in America...and their stories."

Q. Does Grandma Ginny support the U.S. military?

A. YOU BET! Grandma Ginny™ is  from a military family and very interested in supporting the U.S. military. Her late husband was a Captain in the United States Naval Reserve and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery with honors. One of her three sons has completed 4 tours in Iraq with the U.S. Navy. Grandma Ginny's  brother is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and flew aircraft off carriers during two tours in Vietnam. Of his six children, three sons were also Navy pilots one of whom graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy.

Always the music major, keyboardist and pianist Grandma Ginny™ never refuses, schedule permitting, when asked to play for special veteran events held by such organizations such as the American Legion, NASA, Walter Reed Army Hospital and other military organizations including Fort Myer Officer's Club in Northern Virginia. She has also entertained at the United States Department of State Diplomatic Room and is the only person who has been permitted to play the famed concert grand piano that belonged to President Harry S. Truman, since it was loaned to the State Department over five years ago by the White House.

Q. Is Grandma Ginny™ available for speaking engagements.

A. Speaking to organizations is a favorite of hers. Just access the Contact Us page of the site to learn how to arrange for Grandma Ginny™ to speak at your school or event.

Q. How do I ask questions of Grandma Ginny™?

A. Simply email your questions or comments to:

Please stay in touch.

God bless America!

Grandpa "Colonel" Tom

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