Grandma Ginny™ America's History Lady™

Mission Statement

"Grandma Ginny™ America's History Lady™

strives to provide audio/video material,

information, programs and resources relating to

American history, in an interesting, exciting,

truthful manner; as it really happened, so as to

encourage those who are already interested in

American history to further pursue their interest,

and to encourage others to investigate the thrilling

days of America's yesteryear so they might

understand who and what made America the

greatest country in the world, although America is

still a relatively young nation.

If this Mission is accomplished it will plant the seed

that can grow into a lifelong interest in American

history, and through this knowledge, inspire an

understanding of our Declaration of Independence,

Constitution and Bill of Rights, resulting in

 knowing the great pride and great responsibility

that comes with being an



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