Grandma Ginny says,
"History is God's reminder of what we did that was right
and of what we did that was wrong,
and right or wrong, that we must try to do better in the future."

The Grandma Ginny™
Antique Postcard Collection

America’s History Lady™ has hundreds of antique postcards in her collection. They date back to 1904.  The cards include scenes of life, travel, clothing, transportation, buildings, posters and so much more. These cards are not for sale, but will be posted for the enjoyment of those who are interested in American history scenes captured on postcards. The cards will be changed at regular intervals and you are invited to check back often.

MarlborughHotel AlticBchNJ

The Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City Convention Center. Could seat 40,000 people.

Part of the America History Lady ™
Atlantic City, NJ 
Postcard Collection - Group 1

The Merry-Go-Round Bar at the famous Ritz Carlton Bar in Atlantic City, NJ  circa 1942

The Boardwalk. Atlantic City, NJ built in 1870 by the hotels along the beach to keep sand out of the hotel lobbies.

Amoung other featuires of the Boardwalk were the "rolling chair" parades. Two lanes carried visitors in picturesque wicker chairs in solid comfort. It can truely be said that Atlantic City invented the Boardwalk. This runs for many miles side by side with the ocean and was the first one of its kind ever built years ago in 1870.